Sublime Floral was created in my 2 bedroom apartment in Santa Clara. My friend was getting married and she asked me to do the flowers for her wedding. I had been designing since I was 19. My first florist job was at Hills Flowers. The owner at the time Marc hired me as a driver, and one day I was watching him and he asked me to copy his arrangement. It just happened to be Easter time. It all started from there. I grew up watching my grandma care for her roses. I used to cut them and put them around the house. My passion for flowers came from watching and learning from her. I can hear her now, "Don't cut my roses" but I never listened. Flash forward to 2016 I have several local clients and my client list is growing daily. I really enjoy designing floral arrangements, it's a chance for me to express my creativity and I love being my own boss. The look on the faces of those who receive flowers warms my heart and I am so grateful I get the chance to follow my dream.

❤️ Tish 

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